How to Give Your Woman a Mind Blowing Sexual Satisfaction in Bed She Will Always Remember You For

It is sad to hear at this time of human enlightenment that romantic relationship is still being threatened by an issue such as sexuality and sexual dysfunctions. Today the number of marriages ending in divorce due to lack of sexual satisfaction between couples is growing by the day. The number of marriages that have collapsed based on this inability of one partner to satisfy the sexual desire of the other is worrisome. A woman will stay in a relationship if her emotional desire for love and sex are adequately met.

 If a man is poor but he is good sexually, his wife will still be managing him even if she has to makes the ends meet for the family. That is why some women stay with a man which other people do not see anything good in. It is because, he is good in giving her the fun and satisfaction she wants. Women love men who can satisfy their needs for love and sex and they will do anything to stay with such men. Women will always go to such men for more. Women love men who make them feel like a woman, men who know how to handle them professionally in bed.

So you can make a woman come back to you for more after her first experience with you? The following are some things I found useful. Try them and see how your sex life will be with your partner from the day you start using it, she will surely adore you more.

1. Indulge mind blowing foul play always. This is a vital entry into a woman’s mind. Most women do not come up and become sexually arouse easily. Many of them need a lot of foul play to be sexually aroused. You have to kiss her deeply, caress and massage all the sexually sensitive parts of her body like her breasts, thighs and clitoris among others before they come up.

If you are not experienced in this art, you will just enter her once your rod is thick and hot. No you don’t need to be that selfish, you have to make her ready for you, you have to make her wet between her thighs. You need to see, I am ready for you in her eyes before penetrating her. This you will see in the way see will be looking at you. She will look at you in a lustful and romantic manner.

To be sure she is ready ask her if she is ready and she will say yes. If she is free with you i.e. not shy and not afraid of being label a loose lady, she will on her own ask you to enter her. That time she is ready for it. That time she is fully charge and ready for you. Do not hesitate to make her happy by giving it to her according to her response.

2. Cultivate the habit of lasting longer during sex. Believe it or not, women don’t like men that come off in a couple of 3 or 5 minutes. Women love men who can last longer than that on top of them, this is because most women take longer time to reach orgasm. Some of them take 30 minutes or more to reach orgasm. If your wife falls within this group of women you have to know how to satisfy her by knowing how to last long on her and one of the ways to do this is by changing position with your wife.

Encourage your woman to be on top of you for sometime. Of course she will be shy and reluctant initially to do it but encourage her by telling that that is one of the things that you enjoy in bed. That action will maker her come faster than it used to take her.
Surprisingly, reaching orgasm by her before you does not make her tired. Women have the natural ability to come so many times unlike men without getting tired but she is a little bit tired than before the orgasm.

Another thing you can do if she refuses to climb you is to practice the act of intermittent withdrawal of the prick any time you feel the sensation of ejaculation. You can change your actions to foul play for her not to notice that you are doing that(for more on how to last longer on a woman see our article on antidote for premature ejaculation). We will not end this section however, without telling you that not all women love it slow or fast action. Some love it slow while others prefer the fast action. You just have to find out from her what she likes.

3. Try different sex positions. Staying in one sex position for a very long time makes sexual intercourse to become dull, monotonous and boring. But changing positions help enhances sexual relationship between two lovers in bed(for more romantic sexual styles and positions you can get in touch with me through the sites contact address for a booklet on sex positions and tantalizing sex styles).

4. Healthy interaction during and after sexual intercourse helps a lot. Women just like you want feedback and appreciation after sexual intercourse. They want to hear your assessment of their sexual performance. They want encouragement from you, they want to know if you enjoyed them or not. They want you to tell them that they are sweet and romantic and you want them to give you more of that action.

They love to be appreciated in bed. Talk to her, appreciate her. Tell her when you are coming and after ejaculation hold her close to yourself and tell her how much you love her. Women love to hear you praise them during and after sexual intercourse. This is where most men do miss a golden opportunity to cement further their love relationship.

Once they are done they just get up, clean themselves up, wear their clothes and leave the room or dose off, not bothering whether their partner is satisfied or not, that is too bad. You are making her feel like, you have used her and you are not interested in her any more. But a man who knows how to charm a woman in bed asks her if she is satisfied or not. He stays with her for sometime. He interacts with her, caresses her, he use that opportunity to express his love for her again.

5. Educate yourself more on the subject of sex. Reading of good books on sex will go a long way in enhancing your sexual relationship with your partner. It will add to your level of experience and clarify a lot of things on the subject of sex to you.

Before closing this article it will be good for you to know that, in any relationship, what matter most is the satisfaction derived by the two parties and the only way this can happen is for the man satisfy the sexual needs of his woman in bed.  By particularly ensuring that she reaches orgasm, the heights of her sexual pleasure. Lack of this satisfaction makes a lot of women and men to flirt around.

Learn from the tips above and always give your woman the best when you are with her in. As said above, women love men who keep them happy even if they are not financially okay and one of the ways you can make her happy is to satisfy her sexual needs


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